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Or better yet – when did his old life stop being enough?He suspected the answer to that question lay somewhere around the time when he had refused Thorin Oakenshield's offer of marriage.

Tom Riddle thought he was dreaming the first time, but when he repeatedly visits the same boy, he realizes that bigger things are at work. Fortunately he just so happens to be someone who has helped saved the world a couple of times. Luke was walking the halls of the Jedi Temple when he was swept up by The Force, finding himself in the middle of a battle lead by his father Anakin Skywalker and his Master Obi-Wan Kenobi twenty-three years prior. Bilbo made it to the Shire, still thinking he was banished by Thorin. Between the scheming Order and his powerful benefactor, Harry finds himself steadily drawn deeper into the growing conflict. Tom Riddle was able to use magic long before he received a wand. (Rebirth/time travel and Master of Death Harry)Thorin Durin has lived a rather normal life for a Dwarf in the Fifty-first century on a spaceship.When Thorin and his Company come to reclaim Erebor, there is no dragon, only a cursed Hobbit with golden dragon scales embedded in her skin. Working with the Order and the Ministry, can Harry remain undetected and keep his promise to his beloved Lord Voldemort? After the Battle of New York, Loki tries to escape. Friends who're not really friends, a mentor who wanted more than was meant for him. COMPLETEIt is the day of Loki's trial but all is not as it appears, and by the end of it Thor's world lays shattered .Slash LVHPCursed against his will, Harry made the best of his life until he found himself, again, wandering in Death's realm. Harry Potter: Stuck as a cleaning boy for Tom's office as a way to make up for something Draco claimed he did. After defeating Voldemort, Harry thought he'd be free to live his life as he pleased...unfortunately the Ministry didn't agree. Thor asks him why he would try when he know he has lost. His lineage taken from him, freedom bound by his so-called family. Thor will need all the help he can get, and who better to aid him than Earths mightiest heroes as he begins a desperate search for someone he thought he had lost. REVIEWS ARE LUV AND ONLY CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM PLEASE! In An Alternate Universe, Luke grew up raised by his Father and trained in the ways of the Force.The BWL sees the war from another angle, how will this effect him? Two boys grow up together in an orphanage, grow powerful at school, are torn apart by death and brought back together by rebirth. Eventual Slash Thranduil has been bothered, of late; ever since he found himself with a collection of Dwarven prisoners, as a matter of fact.He has felt a stirring in his heart he has not felt for some time; his One is near, yet it is not one of his prisoners, but a hobbit who has been hiding in order to help them.He watches the boy in the cupboard grow from a small child and into a young man. What will he do when the boy isn't so little anymore? With a new threat of rogue mutants, the Avengers team up with the X-Men to keep the peace, prevent a war between Thor and said X-Men, and assess the threat of one Harry Potter. Given the chance to get to know his father before he became Vader and possibly save him as well, will Luke be able to alter the past for the best? When Gandalf arrived from another cross-continental trip there and back again to tell him everything was okay, Bilbo had disappeared. In this AU, Harry has the same grasp on his magic..a hatred for Muggles... Along with his crew of misfits (though some would argue they are more mature then others) he had been fairly happy. Odin has had enough and has banished him to Earth to relearn some lessons.

But, Gandalf tracked him back across Middle Earth... Until the arrival of a certain Halfling who turns their lives upside down. Too bad he hadn't paid attention to where Loki ended up. FIC: Many things have happened to Harry, he endured because it was what he had to do to keep the ones he cared about safe.

Then one night, in a smoky New Orleans bar, he finds something—someone—who just might be able to hold him. and Harry knows that in that one moment he has lost everything... Stumbling out later, fuzzy-minded, he's found by two hazily familiar people, and he ends up spilling his story to them. Kira Being Master of Death had a lot of unintentional consequences.

But things can never be so simple, not with mutants fighting to live, and certainly not with the Deathly Hallows finally choosing a master. The next morning is a very awkward awakening that leads L to re-evaluate his true feelings. The three Hallows were tools of another world's creator to pick a Death for leading the Death Gods as they collect the souls of mortals. Slash (The Demon's Dear Friend has permission for borrowed ideas)Loki escapes from Asgard during his punishment and finds himself back in New York City where people still remember his face.

After the Order lock him up Harry flees to the father where they both may get a second chance. Other pairings: Steve/Tony, Bruce/Darcy, Loki/Darcy, Loki/Victor Von Doom, Loki/Steve SLASH. In his several millennia of existence Loki Odinson, God of Mischief and Lies, had been many things; he had been a liar, a warrior, and a trickster, just to name a few, but never before had he been a loving father, he'd never been given the chance. In which Harry is pretty sure his Pokémon journey isn't supposed to have such a copious amount of Zubats—or just the figurative one, since Arceus knows Tom Riddle pops up in his life often enough to be a Zubat in disguise.

Fate decides to play with Harry's life again, giving him a chance at a family but with the most shocking father. - Chapter II: Crossover with Doctor Strange and Captain America: Civil War that builds on the premise of the first chapter.

How could I have asked that of him when he is the only creature in the universe that I have ever loved? Will his new master allow it or will he be subjugated forever? During the summer holidays Harry had never found himself so thankful for having to do Dudley's homework but what will Harry do when doing Dudley's homework leads him to find his Soul Mate at Hogwarts? An unworldly attitude means most seven's need to be 'protected'. Myth is reality and a Lord of All Magic, protector of the whole Wizarding World has been named. Harry grew up in a Rebel camp with Sirius after Voldemort's triumph over Wizarding Britain. Being rejected can get anyone down in the dumps, L included.

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