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Zdarma cz dating site - dating newcomb college pottery

Women sit at small tables while the men rotate, moving to a new table when a bell rings. If two daters both express interest in each other they are told and contact details are exchanged.

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The site also contains popular gay, lesbian and bisexual sections, as well as special interest groups.There is one event every month and the price on your first visit is only 100 CZK.If you do not meet someone your first event, you can attend a second for free.“When I got home I realized that the Czech Republic is very behind when it comes to dating.” Bringing US-style speed dating to Prague was an obvious solution.“It´s a proactive way of increasing your odds,” explains Jana.The largest worldwide dating site, ( dropped its Czech language site in 2006 due to lack of interest, so there are a limited number of users in this country.

But for those interested in meeting foreigners is a good option.Daters are anonymous and if you pick someone who does not pick you, they will never know.“It is a lot of fun and feels much safer than internet dating,” says Anna, a 28-year-old English teacher who works in Prague.Lucy, a 27-year-old financial controller from the Czech Republic, and Gunther, a 30-year-old Sales Manager from Mexico, met online. “We talked for four hours the first time we met on the site.” After meeting in person in Paris, the couple decided that they wanted to live together and Lucy moved to Mexico.“It sounds like an advert for the dating website, but Lucy was the second girl I chatted to on the site,” laughs Gunther.“And if you are not interested in your date you only have to put up with him for a few minutes.” Rapid Dating ( which also goes by the Czech name Rande Motyl, is a new company running speed dating events in Prague.