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Most of Anri's life between the day of her parents death and the start of the series is a mystery, although it can be assumed she led a relatively normal life.

Initially, Anri is very introverted and quiet, rarely speaking to anyone for any extended period of time.

Eventually, Mika and Anri ran into a group of thugs who were chased away by Seiji Yagiri, the event causing Mika to become infatuated with him.

Anri attends high school at Raira Academy and is in the same class as Mikado and Seiji.

As the series progresses, she retains her shy personality, though her interactions with Mikado and Masaomi begin pull her out of her emotional shell, and she becomes much more expressive.

Though she believes that the emotional distance she has put between herself and others prevents her from loving others, she is caring and compassionate toward those close to her.

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Anri Sonohara (園原 杏里, Sonohara Anri) is a bespectacled girl who attends Raira Academy with her close friends Mikado and Masaomi.

Possibly starting to lose control, she tells Anri that she loved her before slitting her own throat with the blade.

This incident was covered up and the official story is that a burglar killed Anri's parents, and she was the only one spared.

She is shown to be rather submissive, even when being harassed, and has stated herself that she prefers to view the world as if it were within a picture frame, with her outside looking in.

This timid demeanor stems primarily from the trauma she received when her parents died.

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