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They bought the market rights from the lord of the manor and, by 1832, all properties on site had been purchased, with exception of two, whose owners demanded a higher price.

In the early 18th century Mercer Street was known as Spicer Street, reflecting the growing grocery and meat trade that had begun to take over from the cloth trade.

Seven years later, another document described another mercer in the area.

Within the next ten years, the area developed into a leading market town and a major cloth trade was established.

The Bull Ring developed into the main retail market area for Birmingham as the town grew into a modern industrial city.

The earliest known building for public meetings in the town with any architectural record is the High Cross, which stood within the Bull Ring.

This was a result of new markets being established across the city in scattered locations creating severe congestion.

Demolition of these properties began slowly; however, after the Act of 1801, the speed of demolition increased and by 1810 all properties in the area had been cleared as according to the 1810 Map of Birmingham by Kempson.Well-known preachers of the time were nicknamed Holy Joe and Jimmy Jesus.In the late 18th century, street commissioners were authorised to buy and demolish houses in the town centre, including houses surrounding the Bull Ring, and to centre all market activity in the area.The Bullring is a major commercial area of central Birmingham.It has been an important feature of Birmingham since the Middle Ages, when its market was first held.A wide area fronting St Martin's Church formed the marketplace.

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