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The four members formed the band named Fix Me to represent the struggles that Josh had experienced throughout high school, which was later changed to Marianas Trench and the name Fix Me was used as the title for the first album.Nearing the end of his high school years, Ramsay developed an addiction to heroin.

"Ever After," the third studio album from Marianas Trench, went gold in its first week.

On October 23, 2015, their 4th album, Astoria, was released.

This album includes the singles One Love, This Means War, Who Do You Love, Shut Up And Kiss Me, & Astoria.

The band later signed with 604 Records, through the assistance of owner Chad Kroeger and co-owner Jonathan Simkin.

He is also a successful producer and a songwriter for a wide array of artists including Carly Rae Jepsen, Nickelback, 5 Seconds of Summer, Simple Plan, Faber Drive, and Emily Osment.

Gasbarri filmed an audition tape in her home town of Dunsborough and sent it into them.

Cat is Erin Rogers's (Adrienne Pickering) daughter.

All characters are introduced by the shows executive producer Jason Herbison.

The 31st season of Neighbours began airing from 5 January 2015.

Cat Rogers began appearing in the same month, while Michelle Kim, Tyler Brennan and Nick Petrides made their debuts in February.

Jimmy Williams, Aaron Brennan and Mary Smith were introduced in June.

Marianas Trench, Carly Rae Jepsen, Danny Fernandes, Emily Osment, Faber Drive, Down With Webster, Suzie Mc Neil, Jessica Lee, Anami Vice, Nickelback, Girlicious, By Starlight, 5 Seconds of Summer, Matt Webb, Lights Josh Ramsay went to high school at Magee Secondary School. Ramsay inherited that love of music by initially starting his own solo career at the age of 14. Ramsay got together with his sister, Sara Ramsay, and found two local musicians, Trevor Spilchen and Steve Marshall.