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November to demonstrate the application and benefits of automated mineralogy to the minerals industry and academic research. Around 35 people from various research institutions, service providers and the mining industry attended the workshop from across Australia.

The hardware component of the project was funded via the Australian Research Council with support from Curtin University, the Geological Survey of Western Australia, University of Western Australia and Murdoch University. One avenue being considered is the public documentation of WA’s mineral resources. J., Curran M., Edwards R., Faluvegi G., Ghan S., Horowitz L.

As a special first edition feature, we have included an entire page that highlights the basic instrument capabilities of each facility.

DOWNLOAD THE NEWSLETTER Curtin University researchers have for the first time been able to visualise where helium atoms are trapped within individual mineral grains, providing information that can help to determine the geological history of the Earth’s crust and assist in monitoring natural hazards like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

With the success of this function it is anticipated further workshops on automated mineralogy will be held on an annual basis.

A team of Curtin University geoscientists has discovered the earliest known occurrence of reidite, one of Earth’s rarest minerals.

• Prof Brent Mc Innes (Curtin Jd LC), who demonstrated the applications of the TIMA to Archeology, Petrology, Geochemical Mapping, and the Characterisation of Mineral & Petroleum Systems.

• Kellie Jones (Northparkes Mines), who discussed the application of the TIMA to mining and mineral processing at the Northparkes Cu-Au operation.

The Centre is open to collaborative research projects, non-collaborative access to the equipment by qualified users for research purposes, and commercial services.

Welcome to the first edition of Wavelength – A quarterly newsletter dedicated to highlighting the latest news and research produced from Curtin’s X-ray characterisation facilities, namely the X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), X-ray diffraction (XRD) and small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) facilities.

Peter Goode, Nottinghamshire County Council's traffic manager, said: 'It will be disappointing to see the loss of a 900 year-old tradition, but there is also a need to recognise the complexity of managing old events safely on today's roads which carry high volumes of fast-moving traffic.'The County Council has supported this event by waiving charges for making legal orders and approving traffic management, but we do have to ensure that event organisers make their own proper arrangements to ensure the safety of participants and the general public and to minimise disruption.

The John de Laeter Centre provides quantitative data used to understand processes of Earth and planetary evolution, characterise the nature of resources and materials upon which our society depends, and monitor our changing environment. K., Aeppli, C., Samuel, J., Chen, H., De Oliveira, A.

Thanks to all at Curtin and AXT staff who were involved in the workshop.

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