Who is dolly parton dating

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Who is dolly parton dating - Sex dating but no premiun

When she heard God's voice, it didn't come from above, but from within.

'" But there's one thing Dolly's wrong about: that she's not a natural beauty.

She compliments one reporter on his striped socks and says to another, "Ooh, you're a big one!

" During a photo op, Dolly's personal assistant, Judy Ogle (her childhood friend and the laconic, fresh-scrubbed yang to Dolly's yin), notices that her pant legs have ridden up.

Not that Barbie could handle the Louboutin stilettos Dolly has on today, which add a good five inches to her (maybe) five-foot frame. Her getup is understated, for Dolly: skintight leather pants and a jeweled sweater zipped modestly over the swells of her celebrated bosom. The kids used to sleep three or four to a bed, and somebody usually peed.

All porcelain skin and candy-floss hair, she's like a character from a fairy tale. The next day they'd all just wash in the river or a pan of water, using homemade soap.

" As it turns out, she got to the Happiness Hall of Fame the same way she got to the Country Music Hall of Fame. If a person in a moment of acute despair saw that on a coffee mug, she might be tempted to hurl said mug at a wall.

"I do the best I can every day, and I'm going to enjoy my life," Dolly says. But when Dolly says it in her girlish twang, so sweet and simple, the words feel like truth.

She smells good, too—powdery and musky and anointed. "They discontinued it," she says, "so I got everything they had on e Bay." Over the next eight hours, more than 100 reporters will get a whiff: Dolly, who turned 70 in January, is in Nashville promoting a tour in 60-plus cities for her upcoming two-CD set, Pure and Simple with Dolly's Biggest Hits; the May 3 DVD release of her recent NBC movie, Dolly Parton's Coat of Many Colors; and The Complete Trio Collection, from her project with Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt, due out in September. Dolly was 5 when she composed her first song, "Little Tiny Tasseltop," an ode to her corncob doll with corn-silk hair.

She sang in the church where her grandfather preached hellfire and damnation ("He used to scare the shit out of me!

Who but Dolly appeals to so many different types, from spirit-filled Christians to drag queens to "spirit-filled drag queens," as Dolly herself puts it?

We're drawn to her flash and sass, her heaven-high wigs. A philosopher queen in the guise of a (well-compensated) truck stop hostess, she's known to her friends as the Dolly-Mama.

People always ask the Dolly-Mama how to live a good life, but she doesn't like to tell anybody what to do.

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