Who is ariadne diaz dating

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Diaz has been defending her dating choices for the past year.

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Early in her career, she appeared in a 2006 episode of the Televisa series RBD: La Familia.

In August 2013, she returned to Televisa where she was given her second starring role portraying Marcela Morales, in La Mujer Del Vendaval.

In 2013, she played Pesados's love interest in their song's video "Cuando estas de buenas." In 2013, Ariadne returned to theatre playing Yolanda in the musical Perfume de Gardenia.

In 2006, she made her television debut on, RBD: La Familia in the episode El Que Quiera Azul Celeste... Ariadne was also cast in the dual co-protagonist/antagonist role of Florencia Echevarria de Belmonte in Al diablo con los guapos.

She also played the daughter of the villain "Barbara Greco" in Mañana Es Para Siempre.

"I came to tell you that I don't love you and I've never loved you," Acacia tells Esteban. Hector gives her an airplane ticket to go catch up to him in Europe.

Acacia tells Ulises that she's always loved him as he plans on leaving. Acacia and Cristina have forgiven each other as the love they have for one another is more powerful.On November 9, 2016, Diaz was confirmed as the protagonist of Rosy Ocampo's telenovela La doble vida de Estela Carrillo, a series based on true events, in which she stars opposite David Zepeda.After on-screen chemistry and an impromptu kiss for fans, many speculated that Ariadne Diaz and her "La Malquerida" co-star, Christian Meier, were an item.This began the rumor if the actors were actually a couple as it has been speculated.This scene was not in a studio and it looks like Ariadne slipped in a little tongue action there.Some of his celebrity idols include Eiza Gonzalez, Paulina Rubio and Amanda Bynes.

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