Who is angel taylor dating

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Who is angel taylor dating

In fact, those who have ever liked any recording by Colbie Caillait, Kate Voegele, or Sara Bareilles will probably be more than just satisfied with this album, seeing as Taylor plays in the exact same style as all these acoustic beauties.The tunes carry the summery, everyday feel of Caillait's release Coco, with the musical charisma that adorns Bareilles' debut Little Voice.

Like John Mayer - her favorite musician, and now labelmate on Columbia Records - Taylor's lyrics pack a wisdom that defies her years, finding the simplest, most accessible way to describe life's most confusing emotions."Ebony started writing poetry when she was 14, I was 13, and I started writing cheeseball stuff like, 'you're awesome, I think you're opossum.' It didn't really get real until a few years later, but I never took a lesson - songs happened by me banging on a piano, playing it by ear, and trying to fit my poetry in.I didn't want to be a musician, I just wanted a fun hobby..." A passionate blend of youthful innocence, soulful essence and a spiritual center, Angel Taylor is every bit as wholesome and pure as her "Love Travels" debut, her longing for love and lust for life colored by dashes of hope. Feeling self-conscious about listening to love songs written by a girl barely removed from her teens?Try and remember when love hurt the most, that high school spark that never flickered into a flame, or the flame that fanned out as quickly as it flared, making everything around you ache and throb.She has three siblings : Logan Rae (born January 12, 1995), Mackinley (born August 9, 1997) and Chase (born April 27, 1999). When she was 16 she graduated from Pomona High School in Arvada, Colorado.

In 2016, she played a model in the film The Neon Demon and made her debut at No.

Those who think this Angel Taylor is the same woman who dominated the gospel charts as a member of Trin-i-Tee 5:7 may be disappointed with the release of Love Travels, an album from a completely different Angel Taylor.

However, that disappointment would probably only come from those who didn't expect the coffeehouse-style of Love Travels; those who know what to expect from this album will probably be quite satisfied.

The music feels polished without feeling cold, and highlights include the rocked-up "Spinning Wheels," "All Lost at C," and the first track, "Chai Tea Latte." The lead single, "Make Me Believe," is a juicy sampling of the style of music that has grown thanks to the bounty of Starbucks coffeeshops that are popping up every hour, but isn't necessarily definitive or reshaping.

In that sense, a large part of Love Travels is really good; in fact, it's quite excellent if given an attentive listen, but it's certainly not super unique.

"I played two songs, 'Chai' and 'It's Easy,' and he said he wanted to work with me - I told him all I wanted to do was get my music on a CD, and asked him how long that was going to take, and he said, 'Oh no, I want to really work with you...'" And in a manner of months, the soft-spoken and big-hearted Angel Taylor took her first plane trip (to visit record labels in New York), got her first cell phone, and after signing with Aware/Columbia Records, was able to move herself, her mother and two of her sisters into their first house.

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