What happens at dating scan

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What happens at dating scan - pagdating alamid tabs

For most of the other ultrasound examinations, a small amount of urine in your bladder is adequate.

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The ability to assign gender increases with increasing gestational age.Most have completed a post graduate Certificate, Diploma or Master's degree in Medical Ultrasound.Ultrasound has been used in pregnancy for about 30 years, it has progressively become an indispensible obstetric tool and plays an important role in the care of every pregnant woman.There is no hard and fast rule for the number of scans you should have during pregnancy.A scan maybe ordered when an abnormality is suspected on clinical grounds.This method usually provides better images in the early stages of pregnancy or in patients who are overweight.

Fetal cardiac pulsation can be clearly observed as early as 6 weeks of gestation and vaginal scans are also becoming indispensible in the early diagnosis of ectopic pregnancies.

Gel is spread on your stomach area to allow the ultrasound waves to pass from a transducer into your body.

The waves reflect off internal organs and the fetus if you are pregnant, creating a moving picture on a screen.

An ultrasound scan involves transmitting high frequency sound waves through the uterus.

These bounce off the baby and the returning echoes (sound waves) are translated by a computer into an image on a screen that reveals the baby's position and movements.

A full bladder is not necessary for scans done later in pregnancy, though some hospitals may still request it. There will be no sensations from the ultrasound waves. - Ultrasound has been in clinical use since 1960 and medical research has found no side effects.

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