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So it’s a heck of a lot more than just words and finger punching if you are looking to build your romantic connection positively strong.

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*When I dream, it means I’m not really apart from you. *Starlight, star-bright, you’re my star each and every night. Keep in mind, there are two sides to every coin and if it’s your girlfriend or boyfriend who happens to be hours or heaven forbid days before she/he replies to a text, then you’ve got an issue.

*Wish I was there or you were here – together every night. These good night text messages are reserved for the couples that have established connection and appreciate that romantic touch that’s deep and meaningful. Ox *Close your eyes and think of me holding you close and telling you how much I love you. Overdoing it on the number of text messages you send indicates a high level of neediness.

*The only thing missing in my bed is you – I love you. But no matter what I can’t sleep without saying good night to you. *Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder how you are. And if you want to kill romantic attraction in any relationship, neediness will do it.

People that consciously put an effort into openly communicating with their love interest, are the ones that create more successful relationships. Boring is not the objective and will get you kicked to the curb fast.

Learning tips and tricks to strengthen your relationship skills, gives you the power you need to succeed in love, romance, companionship, or just f-ing around. Teasing is likely one of the most undervalued powers of texting in general.

is here to help you navigate the world's most perplexing medium for communication, and teach you how to avoid the mistakes men most often make when texting.

Communication is everything in any relationship and when it comes to good night text messages, you can strengthen or destroy your connection. Keep it simple and straight to the point and you will decrease the risk of miscommunication. It doesn’t really matter who this person is, just as long as you signal to them you are falling head over heels for them. Don’t send her the same old texts over and over again. Keep it spontaneous and alive and make sure you are always writing your messages differently.

The thoughts you put into your partner’s head just before their head hits the pillow is important. And understanding how to express your feelings is also critical when it comes to dating. Shooting them off at different times is also a wise-owl move.

The number one cause of relationship breakup is not being able to comfortably communicate with your partner, according to experts. *I know you are the one for me because when I’m not with you, my heart aches. If you’re sending the same text messages at the same time every day, it gets old fast.

With regular in-your-face spats, you get it all out on the table and then have a chance to cool off, so you can put your head on straight to figure it out.

With texts, there really is no finish line and the negative emotions brew for much longer than they should.

If you are feeling a little tense with your texts, you should ring each other, face-time, or even Skype, so that you can clear your communication lines and not create a conflicting mountain of trouble out of a mole hill.

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