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That’s quite an undertaking, and what Wallis was able to achieve on a shoestring budget with minimal resources is nothing short of spectacular.Given the subject matter of the film, Wallis could have easily opted for a much cheaper and easier found footage style of filmmaking to tell the story of the cam girl and her extremely devoted fan.

In which case, the Montreal cam girls are doing us a favor, giving their patrons a chance to hone their skills. With no quick fix available, Leah becomes a “cam girl” to raise the funds for her love.Under the stage name “Candy Cummings,” she performs online strip shows from her apartment for thousands of strangers every day, never fully knowing the extent of evils that could be watching on the other side of the screen.Mont-Royal Avenue and Saint Denis Street Webcam == ...Tags: American Mary BB cam girls CJ Wallis Dead Hooker in a Trunk Forty FPS Productions horror soundtrack indie horror Jennifer Mae Jet Life Kristian Hanson micro-budget horror Mother Marygold Soska Sisters Victoria Fox One of my favorite things about being a film reviewer is the opportunity to discover and help others discover hidden gems — truly independent films that get very little fanfare or exposure, but often represent some of the best and most surprising filmmaking.As we watch her effortlessly slip on the alternate persona she uses to charm and seduce strange men, we hear her biggest fan, Hal Bowan aka Horny Hal (Kristian Hanson), gush about how real and genuine she is.

He explains that with other cam girls, you can always tell when they are faking it. Meanwhile, Wallis brilliantly intercuts scenes of Leah in her ‘normal’ life with scenes of her as Candy to emphasize the dichotomy and illustrate the fantasy that has become Hal’s reality.As Candy, she’s outgoing, bubbly, playful, giggly and flirtatious.Not only does she completely transform her look, she truly becomes a different the first film released by Forty FPS Productions, the award-winning production company owned and operated by CJ Wallis.You may know Wallis from his iconic role as “Goody Two Shoes” in the breakout indie hit , the debut feature film from the Soska Sisters.Hanson is brilliant as the beleaguered, unrequited love interest of Leah.