Validating reports of poor childhood memory

08-May-2020 20:07 by 4 Comments

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In theory, “recovering” the memory of the original experience will help adult patients with current problems.

We are vulnerable to what psychologists call “suggestion” and can innocently construct false or “pseudomemories” of events that never occurred, if they are encouraged by someone we trust. A version of this piece appeared on Your Care Everywhere.

These associations are independent of childhood and current socioeconomic position and healthrelated risk behaviors.

This research was supported by a predoctoral training grant from the National Institute on Aging (T32AG00129) and NIA support to the University of Wisconsin’s Center for Demography of Health and Aging (P30 AG17266).

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Evidence suggests that people who report childhood abuse are more likely to suffer from sleep paralysis—when you mentally awaken from sleep before your body is able to move.

Sleep paralysis can include tactile and visual hallucinations, often of threatening intruders in the bedroom.

It’s possible to interpret these hallucinations as bits of old unclear memories.

People who suffer from sleep paralysis are also more likely to have emotional issues, including depression. Mc Nally, a professor of psychology at Harvard who has extensively studied adults who report childhood sexual abuse, reports another possibility: Some children do not understand that anything notable is happening at the time but when they recall the event later and see it through adult eyes suffer “intense distress,” he writes.

Many of my symptoms, including anger I could not previously understand, have greatly ameliorated since I began to work through these memories and feelings.

It is very hard to understand why I would find relief from working through false memories.

This person was sexually abused by the same person who sexually abused me. Until the memories returned there was no part of the memory that I retained in my conscious mind.