Valerie poxleitner dating

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Valerie poxleitner dating

Though the specific allegations themselves, and their horrifying nature, came as a shock to many, there had been foreshadowing for years in the circles in which Ghomeshi moved, a tribal drum dating back to his days at York University 25 years ago, warning women not to get too close.

Although Ghomeshi was not the boss at the show, he was the “talent”—and the place operated as his fiefdom of sorts, a workplace with exacting standards and often cruel punishment for those who didn’t live up to them.

One day, Ghomeshi would be jovial and generous; the next, cold and dismissive.

His chronic lateness kept staff on edge; he kept people waiting for hours.

The warnings, beginning with the fact that we were only hearing one side of the story, were there for anyone who wanted to see.

Within a week, nine women had come forward to accuse Ghomeshi of violence and sexual assault, two willing to be named.

Everyone bridled—at least privately—at his mood swings and his penchant for playing staff against one another.

The predominantly female staff found themselves reduced to tears by his tirades.“The culture was horrifying because of Jian,” says a former female producer.“He was a master of mind games,” says another former staffer.By then, Canada’s most overt public shaming was in full swing.Its target: Ghomeshi, the unoffical ambassador of Canada’s “creative class,” a ubiquitous presence at galas, opening nights, concerts, screenings, awards ceremonies, panels, debates.The note concluded by coming full circle to the Ottawa shootings: “I have always tried to be a good soldier and do a good job for my country.” Within hours, the post had more than 102,000 “likes” and sparked ardent cries of support for the fallen radio host.

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