Updating ubuntu eee

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Updating ubuntu eee - california state law for dating a minor

The First Hack: Adding Programs One simple (simple for some users comfortable with using a text editor) way to add programs such as Gimp is to gain root access to the console, edit a file, and tell it to install the program.

Now press “ctrl x”, hit “y” to save, and restart the Eee PC.

We also wanted to touch on upgrading the Eee PC, since its stock configuration doesn’t really have as much ram as what you would want for more stressing software.

Some users will probably enjoy the minimalistic Linux environment included on the Eee PC out of the box, and not want to drastically change anything … Jerry, our site editor, fell into this crowd and found that one program lacking from the Eee PC out of the box was Gimp, a photo editor.

The drive would be configured as bootable and the 1000HE would boot the drive and Ubuntu would configure itself. I found this link regarding Ubuntu and the 1000HE but the issues was with Ubuntu 9.04 in 2009.

I look-forward to a post indicating success and pitfalls to avoid.

You could see mentioning of this program if you tried to open image files, but it was a dead link that would introduce you to a helpful error stating “Could not find the program ‘The’”.

Needless to say it got our hopes up, but left us wanting more.

Gimp is now installed on your system, and you can edit images by right clicking them and selecting Gimp as the program to edit them the same way you choose "Open with" on a Windows computer.

Using this same method you can install countless other programs (even more using other server sources) if you feel the need.

Inside the file manager click on the “tools” option in the menu bar, and select the option to open a console window.

In the console window type “sudo bash”, and click enter. Type “nano /etc/apt/sources.list”, which will load a simple text editor to edit this file.

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