Updating ruby on debian

11-Apr-2020 22:03 by 6 Comments

Updating ruby on debian

Always use the sudo command from a non-privileged user account.

All of those were tested with the most up-to-date bash-completion .

Note: Users must log out and back in to gain rvm group membership because group memberships are only evaluated by the operating system at initial login time. It is suggested you install gcc-4.5 and add the variable to your $rvm_path/environments/[ruby_version_string] file.

If you have trouble installing ruby-debug19 try installing with the following command: This is usually caused by using pre-release compilers. Most people will find this problem when using Arch Linux.

I get this error: Java VM: Failed to load JVM: /Library/Java/Java Virtual Machines/jdk1.8.0_101.jdk/Contents/...

I'm starting a web project in Aptana and have downloaded bootstrap (v 3.3.7) and jquery (compressed).

Been using Aptana Studio for years now, never had any issues (outside of Java Versions), until now.

I upgraded my MBP to High Sierra and Aptana stopped working - I installed all the relevant Java ...

In addition, using sudo will not load the /etc/profile.d/rvm.sh, which exists for current installs, and as such will not load RVM.

You can prove this to yourself by executing: Also, you only use the sudo command during the install process.

If this happens, you can add a configuration option that will prevent the documentation being built during installation: Alternatively, you can try installing a newer version of rdoc to the current environment.

That way, the newer rdoc should be able to handle documentation from the more recent version of Ruby that you're installing.

Here is a custom script which we name as 'cleanout-rvm'.

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