Updating properties file java

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As mentioned above, platform types cannot be mentioned explicitly in the program, so there's no syntax for them in the language.

WARN)` @Non Null Api public class Test Note: the migration status of a nullability annotation is not inherited by its type qualifier nicknames but is applied to its usages in default type qualifiers.

If a default type qualifier uses a type qualifier nickname and they are both to corresponding Kotlin types.

The Kotlin compiler can read the JSR-305 annotations from a library without the annotations present on the classpath.

Since Kotlin 1.1.50, custom nullability qualifiers (KEEP-79) are also supported (see below).

If a Java method returns void, it will return When we call methods on variables of platform types, Kotlin does not issue nullability errors at compile time, but the call may fail at runtime, because of a null-pointer exception or an assertion that Kotlin generates to prevent nulls from propagating: , meaning that one can not write them down explicitly in the language.

When a platform value is assigned to a Kotlin variable, we can rely on type inference (the variable will have an inferred platform type then, as If we choose a non-null type, the compiler will emit an assertion upon assignment.As Kotlin hides those implementation details, a workaround is required to interface with Java code.There are specialized classes for every type of primitive array ( to a method that is declared as varargs.If an annotation type is annotated with both @Type Qualifier Nickname @Nonnull(when = When. RUNTIME) public @interface My Nonnull @Type Qualifier Nickname @Check For Null // a nickname to another type qualifier nickname @Retention(Retention Policy.RUNTIME) public @interface My Nullable interface A The default nullability is used when a type itself is not annotated by a nullability annotation, and the default is determined by the innermost enclosing element annotated with a type qualifier default annotation with the @Nonnull(when = When.Kotlin is designed with Java Interoperability in mind.

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