Updating biostar bios

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Updating biostar bios - dating an extrovert

Now you should be able to choose your installed OS X or Win7 in the boot menu.Congratulations, you have successfully installed OS X and Win7 in a dual boot configuration ! It is time to revisit Tonymacs tutorial to set up Multi Beast: with useful hints: Subpixel anti-aliasing

I recently posted a topic here to figure out if I had a bad CPU or an outdated BIOS: Assuming it's an outdated BIOS which seems likely, I now need help in flashing it.BTG client is mostly compatible with them but according to ZIP-1, some minor changes are still needed in the pool servers.More specifically, the first 4 bytes of hash Reserved field should store the block height rather than zeros.I'm currently using an i3-2100 and my new i5-3570K is not being recognized by the BIOS.The Motherboard came out of a Gateway DX4860 Desktop: The latest version (as can be found on the Gateway link above under 'BIOS') is: P03-A3.What you need: – OS X retail disk/image – Windows 7 retail disk/image – 2 USB sticks which fit OS X and Win7 respectively.

OS X needs an 8GB stick, Win7 can do with a 4GB stick.Since my hackintosh has no optical drive (I keep all my optical media as images on my storage server) and burning DL DVD has always failed me anyways, I tried and succeeded to install SL using i Boot from a flash disk onto one single harddrive. I will be continually updating this guide as questions arise.Both SL and i Boot are on the same flash disk so no DVDs are needed. As this is a new guide, please report your success or troubles!2) Download latest Chameleon from After unzipping, open Terminal and go into in the i386 directory.4) Modifying the MBR: Substitute X with your flash disk number (use CMD-i in Disk Utility or “diskutil list” to find the disk number. Don’t omit the “./” before “fdisk”: More info here: 5) Unmount (not eject) partition. 6) Modifying the bootsector of the first partition: Substitute X with your flash disk number and x with the partition number (use CMD-i in Disk Utility or “diskutil list” to find the disk and partition numbers.It is no rocket science that GTX video cards performs much better than AMD when mining Equihash algorithm.

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