Unequally yoked and dating

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Unequally yoked and dating - liesel matthews dating

Their unique point of view is meant to balance, and often temper ours.Ultimately, the principle of ‘headship’ is important.

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Here are two Pauline passages Hillary Clinton would love to purge: From sitcom and Hollywood portrayals of weak, inept husbands and fathers living in households run by dominant females to actual anti-male public policy, there can be no doubt that traditional, Biblical marriage has been under attack for a long time.

2) I consider her my equal In the eyes of God, there is no Jew or Greek, no male or female (Galatians ). There is nothing ‘demeaning’ to the wife because she is Biblically submissive to her husband.

This doesn’t mean there aren’t hierarchies of ‘command’ here on earth, but is a 5-star general any more loved by God than a 4-star general, or even a private (yeah kids, that’s you – better keep practicing those salutes and “yes, sirs” and “ma’ams! 3) In leadership, two is a crowd In every successful organization, from churches to businesses to schools to armies to nations, while responsibilities are shared, ultimately the buck stops somewhere, and that somewhere is the person at the top.

The truth is, life is full of hierarchies, and they aren’t all bad.

An organization with more than one CEO, like a ship with more than one rudder, ultimately goes nowhere.

The man, as the ‘head,’ has a duty to listen to all the other parts of the body.

He is responsible to his family and finally to God for the decisions he makes.

If we love our wives as we are called to do, to the point of chivalry, consideration, protection, and self-sacrifice, it’s naturally easy for the wife to submit to her husband.

After all, she knows he has her best interest at heart.

4) I seek her input A husband would be foolish to never seek the counsel of his wife (OK maybe Job should have left it alone, but that’s a topic for another day! What kind of leader never asks for the advice of his co-workers? While the husband should be the head of his home, marriage is ultimately a partnership. Obtaining my wife’s counsel and seeking her consent, especially on decisions of consequence, is an important part of a thriving relationship.

God gave us our wives to be our helpmates, the other halves of our whole.

In truth, both extremes – the idea of the “Modern Family” and all it stands for with its domineering females who run the home with an iron fist and warped family values on one side, and the “wife-as-doormat” oppressive brand of Christianity that is nothing but abuse, be it verbal or physical – are wrong.