Twitter not updating my facebook page

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Twitter not updating my facebook page - full sail dating

If there are good reasons not to use third-party tools, then why would you want to use them at all?The fact is, some will simply not want or be able to make the commitment to going to Facebook on a regular basis and make updates.

Passionate about web design, HTML/CSS, beautifying things and internet marketing. One of the things that the new Facebook pages design makes obvious above all others is the lack of updates on a Facebook page.While updating your Facebook page on Facebook itself is recommended, many businesses will still prefer to use a social media management tool for the sake of productivity and ease of use.Edge Rank Facebook uses an algorithm called Edge Rank to determine which updates are shown in your fans’ news feeds.You can learn more about it in this post from Econsultancy.Whether it for brand promotion, estimating the customer’s response to your products or services or for that matter simply to ensure you are in the limelight, the spectacular Facebook-Twitter combination is sure to work wonders for turbo boosting your brand value if done correctly.

This is when you can take advantage for getting the best of both the social networking world.

With all of this in mind, here are some of the top tools that social media experts, brands, and agencies are using to update their pages.

Keep in mind that most use these apps in addition to making updates on their Facebook page from Facebook itself.

Unlike other platforms where you have to schedule each update at a specific time, Buffer allows you to set up a specific scheduling pattern.

When you add an update to your Buffer, it will be set out at the next available time slot.

Here's an example of a Twitter Tab you can install on your page: Adding the Twitter tab to your Facebook Fan page will ensure all your tweets stream in quick time on your Facebook page so that your followers and clients don’t miss out on any of your updates.