Teens dating possesive boyfriends

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Teens dating possesive boyfriends - state college dating

They grew up seeing women only as objects of desire, not as people they could talk to, be friends with.They looked at her as a trophy they could get when they wanted.

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It’s definitely a relief to see the present generation becoming much more open-minded right from their childhood.I assume (and hope) you carry that sensibility on your own while reading this piece.More often than not, an ‘average Indian guy’ approaching a girl won’t end up well. At a stage where the mind is the most impressionable, boys and girls are separated.Finally, if she doesn’t agree, he would slut shame her.She’s a woman and women are supposed to be around for men to seek pleasure. What’s worse is that these same men who seek their friends’ help to hook up with hot girls at parties, would never even allow a guy near their own sisters.And this ridiculous Indian mentality is common knowledge.

Women know that most guys hitting on them would never be cool with the idea of the women of their house being with men.

But that same girl would be flattered if a foreigner offers to buy her a drink in the streets of London, or say, Paris? Remember how, back in school, guys had lunch with only guys, and girls with girls?

Sorry to bruise your egos, but what we’re going to talk about now may not feel very good at first, it might hurt even, but it’s important to talk about. But is there still a problem with the way a major section of Indian men deal with relationships? Remember how guys would prefer being only around guys?

There’s also another section of guys who may not be as offensive, but equally inept at understanding women – the kinds who get ‘friendzoned’ by every girl they meet. They fail to understand there lies a difference between a girl being friendly with them and dropping hints.

They’ve never really had female friends, so it’s not hard to believe that they read the wrong signs and assume any girl who talks to them is interested in them.

They would sit at lunch with other men at office, discuss women but never actually go and talk to one, something that could actually make them see women for more than their bodies and also help them understand what they like better!

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