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People might not understand what the issue is if you complain, and may just laugh it off.They may even add that as you are a foreigner, people will find you exotic; hence the staring and the general creepy behaviour. While most of the attention is harmless, and is best ignored, women should never have to feel uncomfortable or unsafe just walking down the street.

We are happy to hear her thoughts on useful tips for women travellers to the island, and welcome her insight as a foreign traveller.Trying to think about it as a cultural difference might not ease the frustration, but it might explain why it happens.The kind of precautions to be taken varies depending on which part of the island you plan to visit.Even for a woman who is well travelled, the constant (and unwarranted) attention you receive from the opposite sex can be tough to handle.Sometimes people, predominantly men, will pass a misogynistic comment, whistle or make “sexy” faces at you if you make eye contact.It’s not uncommon for female travellers to get asked if they’re married, which can be tiresome, but is not meant in an offensive manner, nor as a reason to flirt; people here are simply unaccustomed to women getting around without a family member, friend or boyfriend/husband.

Wearing a wedding ring is a tip that is commonly given to females travelling to developing countries.

In Sri Lanka, tuk tuks roaming the streets is as common as mosquitoes and temperatures over twenty-five degrees.

A lot of the tuk tuks patrolling the streets are privately owned, unregulated vehicles, and you’ll do yourself a favour by not getting into one of those.

All women know that there are certain precautions to be taken when travelling to new countries, especially when traveling solo.

Sri Lanka is by no means a dangerous country to visit as a woman ‒ for that matter, it is not even on the 2015 International Women’s Travel Centre’s list of ‘So if you are reading this list and want to come here, or already have a trip planned – that is awesome!

Alternately, you could even call for a tuk tuk via Fair Taxi, Budget Taxi or Online Cabs.