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The other screens led police to find three cameras hidden behind pinholes in the victim’s bedroom.

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After six years in the spy-gear business, owner Allen Walton told The Oregonian/Oregon Live by phone Tuesday that he experienced a first last week.

She said her landlord had asked her out and propositioned her several times, which she declined.

The victim told police her 47-year-old landlord, who is also her boss, had remodeled her bathroom in October when she was out of town.

The victim’s roommate’s room had a normal smoke detector.

Officers found a bundle of wires in the victim’s closet leading into a gray pipe that extended down through the tattoo parlor and into the basement to some shelves.

A friend of the 25-year-old woman noticed that a smoke detector looked just like one from the box of spy cameras he had seen in the basement of the business at 4101 Troost Ave.

A police investigation revealed her apartment was rigged with 11 cameras, including four in her bathroom, recording her every move.Walton said the business also has catered to law enforcement, private investigators and loss-prevention workers.If he becomes suspicious about a customer's intentions, he won't sell a camera to them, he said. His records show that Bien didn't speak to anyone at Spy Guy over the phone, via email or online chat, he said.Father Ysrael Bien logged on to a spy-gear website and paid 5 for the hidden camera that was discovered last spring in a Sherwood church bathroom, according to information turned over to police this week.The camera, designed to look like an electrical outlet, came from the online retailer Spy Guy Security based in Dallas, Texas.Police served a search warrant for transaction records there Monday after the business tipped them off. Francis Catholic Church, has been on administrative leave since June 24, when the Archdiocese of Portland suspended him because of his involvement in the investigation.

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