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This will help students who struggle with attention issues too. Teach students that there is more than one way to approach learning and it’s important to respect each other’s differences.Take care that your seating plan does not call obvious attention to an individual, such as announcing that you are moving a child’s seat during class, as this can cause students with specific learning difficulties to feel embarrassed in front of their peers. This will help foster an environment of understanding in which students feel comfortable taking risks and fully engaging in the learning process. Just as you should cater to visual learners, it helps to bring a kinesthetic element into the learning.

It will also be useful for children to repeat the instructions back to the teacher, if possible, to check they have understood them correctly. Include a range of visual cues with written material.

Each and every child, regardless of his or her learning style, deserves access to educators who understand their strengths and weaknesses, empathize with their frustrations, believe in them and do the best they can to meet their needs.1. This modification will benefit all students in the classroom and is easy to implement.

Dyslexia often affects the ability to process, prioritize and remember long lists of instructions.

Dyslexia symptoms can vary from one student to another and each student may require individualized accommodations.

There are, however, some common practices that will help students with dyslexia to succeed in the school environment while not interfering with the general flow of the classroom.

It also enables students with dyslexia to build grit and resilience and develop a positive sense of self. During the school day, students should be given the opportunity for brief activity breaks.

This is particularly helpful for dyslexic students.You might ask them to get up and sharpen their pencil, go for a drink at the water bubbler, or do a quick classroom errand to help the teacher. Avoid singling students out to read in front of the class.Reading out loud requires strong decoding skills and can be quite difficult for students with dyslexia. For dyslexic students, reducing homework can be beneficial when possible.Dyslexia is “difficulty” in learning to read or interpret letters, words, and other symbols.Many dyslexic students experience challenges when it comes to language skills development, including reading, writing and spelling.They can also be modifications to task instructions, additional materials or even supplementary technology.

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