Speed dating sligo

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Speed dating sligo

The ruins of Helmsley Castle are here and are well worth a visit as is Dumcombe Park where you can visit the stately home and gardens, again very beautiful.

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Spend some time exploring this town full of beautiful old Neon signs, and diners resplendent with vintage “roadside Americana” decor.However all was not lost, volunteers and state associations sprang up.Old buildings were restored, neon signs relit and travellers began to come back to experience some of the wonderful sights along Route 66.Day 2 Saturday Total Distance 175m Driving time approximately 3hr 50m Heading east from Albuquerque our journey takes us on a mixture of the modern I40 that overlays the old 66 and the original road.Old 66 takes us on a climb through the mountains on some great roads via Tijeras Canyon and then we drop down through Barton and Edgewood.Through Moriarty and on to Santa Rosa where we stop to spend a little time at the Route 66 Auto Museum.

At Cuervo we again leave the new highway and follow old 66 to our destination of Tucumcari.Well, not quite straight, because we don’t like straights that much. Friday – Whilst the highlight of today is likely to be the Col D’Aubisque, there are so many amazing roads and views today that only photo stops will help you remember (unless you bring a Go Pro along! This is the culmination of the week, this is the purpose of this tour, to show you what is possible when we go a little further south…Saturday – We’ll have some fun on the deserted roads of northern Spain today on the way to the ferry.The final nail in the coffin of this fantastic road was the bypass of Williams Arizona in 1984 after which Route 66 was no longer an official US highway.Many of the gas stations, the diners and motels were out of business and fell into decay.8 Days As much as we love the Alps, they aren’t able to negate the Pyrenees.