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They're silent characters so we don't have to worry about lip sync.

The introduction appears at the beginning of every episode.

In Monster Talent, Daffy Duck has appeared after the credits, though he says "You're welcome." In Devil Dog, the Tasmanian Devil looks surprised then he waves his hand and blabbers indistinctly. In Peel of Fortune, Bugs Bunny munches his carrot and says his classic "end of the cartoon" line, which is a reference to the 2 cartoons, Baseball Bugs and Hare Tonic.

This bumper is also used in Super Rabbit, with Bugs recolored to match the style of the second season. In To Bowl or Not to Bowl, Mac and Tosh appear after the credits arguing over who goes saying the slogan first after they both said it. Weisberg appears after the credits saying, "On a final note: Kids, don't forget to eat your broccoli.

In Muh-Muh-Muh-Murder, Daffy appears again for 4th time by telling the viewers that Porky's still a murderer.

In Point Laser Point, Witch Lezah appears after the ending credit, she's waving her magic wand to the viewer that the season one is over.

In Double Date, Lola Bunny appeared feeling confused saying "That's all what? In Newspaper Thief, Granny appears after the credits trying to find the bathroom. It's good for you." In That's My Baby, Porky appears again and says, "Th-Th-Th-That's all", and stopped because of an upset stomach from the artichoke poppers he ate back at Tutty's, earlier in the episode.

In Sunday Night Slice, Speedy Gonzales appears after the credits waving his sombrero and hollering "¡Hasta luego, amigos! " In The DMV, Lola appears again saying "That's all, folks" in a slick tone. James) appears after the credits saying, "That's all folks." In Working Duck, Daffy appears for the second time, giving the folks some muffins.

It has been reused in The Looney Tunes Show, seen after the end of the credits.

In Best Friends, Members Only, and others, Porky Pig has said his famous slogan after the credits, except the following exceptions. In The Foghorn Leghorn Story, Foghorn Leghorn says the slogan, but forgets he's supposed to say "all folks" after "That's" and he asks his assistant Carol what he needs to say.

In The Stud, the Nerd, the Average Joe, and the Saint, Yosemite Sam asks "Will you sign this? Daffy Duck goes through all the objects he found at the mall during the outro of It's a Handbag.

Santa Claus says "Manu Ginobili" at the end of A Christmas Carol.

In The Float, Daffy appears 3rd time and asks the viewers if they want to buy a watch.

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