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With our Flybe discount codes, you can fly from UK airports such as Aberdeen, Belfast City, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Stansted and Liverpool to a host of destinations, including Paris, Munich, Malaga, Amsterdam and Faro.

If so, you can use our Flybe promo codes and cashback deals to save money on already great offers when booking a city break, family holiday or business trip to Europe.A prominent explanation was Richard Coates's 1998 argument that the name derived from pre-Celtic Old European *(p)lowonida, meaning "river too wide to ford".Coates suggested that this was a name given to the part of the River Thames which flows through London; from this, the settlement gained the Celtic form of its name, *Lowonidonjon.- ('sink, cause to sink'), combined with the Celtic suffix *-injo- or *-onjo- (used to form place-names).If this happens to you, then you can fill in a form from our enquires section and we will manually try and get this cashback awarded.This is the percentage where manual claims have been required for this merchant.Modern scientific analyses of the name must account for the origins of the different forms found in early sources Latin (usually Londinium), Old English (usually Lunden), and Welsh (usually Llundein), with reference to the known developments over time of sounds in those different languages.

It is agreed that the name came into these languages from British Celtic; recent work tends to reconstruct the lost Celtic form of the name as *[Londonjon] or something similar.

This was adapted into Latin as Londinium and borrowed into West Germanic, the ancestor-language of English, already before English had become widely spoken in Britain.

However, the etymology and original meaning of the British Celtic form is much debated.

As one of the UK's leading low-cost airlines, serving nine countries via 85 airports, they offer cheap fares on regional flights and journeys to popular European destinations.

Go online to check in, manage your booking or view flight information, while you can also search for hotels and book holiday extras such as car hire.

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