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It is also notable that the previous Finance & Policy Committee meeting was held on 16th February, whilst the Rail & Underground Panel is meeting on 24th February and the Finance & Policy Committee is meeting yet again on the 2nd March.The Tf L board, meanwhile, is due to meet on the 17th March.

Like most media-savvy organisations, Tf L like to give their major schemes positive sounding names.On the Central line, in particular, at least a sustainable 34tph should also be possible post-upgrade.Simply that this project relates specifically to the lines named above.In a similar manner, Tf L Underground rolling stock capacity work is now centered around the amorphous names of “New Tube for London”, “Four Lines Modernisation” and “World Class Capacity”.World Class Capacity is in fact Tf L’s project to combine upgrades on the Jubilee, Northern and Victoria lines.We will look at plans for the World Class Capacity lines in order of complexity and issues involved.

This means starting with the Victoria line and then looking at the relatively innocuous plans for the Jubilee, before wading into the issues involving the Northern.

Unfortunately as a result these aren’t always very meaningful.

The names of the Northern Line Extension and the Metropolitan Line Extension projects, for example, don’t provide much context as to where they are actually going to and from.

The agenda also suggested that the public and press would be barred from some of the discussion.

Finally, that same agenda only features two items of significance and these are closely related.

The objective appears to be to achieve world class capacity on these lines by running trains at 36tph – which is a figure genuinely among the best achieved in the world.