Software updating window

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Software updating window

Hyper-Threading is a feature on certain older Intel Pentium 4-based processors.

[8] As a workaround, close Firefox before placing the computer in standby/hibernation mode.

This problem can usually be cleared by closing the window or tab for that website.

You can also temporarily disable Java Script to view the problem site, but the website may not work without Java Script.

You can also try choosing a new download folder in your Firefox settings: " Tools - Browse".

Windows shell extension: A Windows shell extension added by certain applications can cause Firefox to hang when choosing a folder location to save a file or when opening "Options" or "Downloads" from the Firefox (Tools) menu.

If Firefox hangs when accessing page history (e.g., when you click History in the Firefox menu or when you try to clear the browsing history) the file that stores your browsing history may be damaged. For some users, Firefox consumes excessive amounts of memory and may slow down or hang in situations that include being open for long periods of time, after downloading or saving images or other files, or after extensive use with multiple tabs open. [20] [21] [22] [23] (For other problems loading websites, see Error loading websites).

Firefox may become very slow to respond because of badly coded Java Script causing infinite loops on certain websites [24].If you’re experiencing hangs, you may want to check your motherboard manufacturer’s website for updates to the BIOS.[1] Alternatively, you can disable Hyper-Threading support for Firefox in Windows 2000 and later, as follows: Right-click the Firefox shortcut → Properties → Compatibility → Check "Run this program in compatibility mode" → Select "Windows 98/Windows ME" → OK.(If you see this message when no Firefox processes are running, even after restarting the computer, see this article.) If you are using a corporate login system such as IBM Tivoli Access Manager or Oracle Enterprise Single Sign On Manager, bug 680927 can cause Firefox 10 can hang at startup, with the process running in the background consuming CPU [6] (rather than crash at startup, as it would in Firefox 7, 8, or 9).See the bug report for a suggested workaround (details here), apply the fix from Oracle (see bug comments 58-61) or downgrade to Firefox 3.6(available here); however, Firefox 3.6 is no longer being maintained.A program called Wager Logic and older versions of Tortoise CVS have been known to cause this problem.

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