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The New Tek Tri Caster allows us to do this very quickly and efficiently.” The studio will often produce a couple shows a day, with three shows a day being fairly common.

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Talk Show augments Skype TX using New Tek’s renowned video processing technology, based on the same powerful software utilized in Tri Caster and 3Play production systems.Working with Skype on creating our bot was a natural fit for us: travel is an inherently social activity, and so it seems completely fitting that we’ve worked with Skype – the world’s largest peer-to-peer communications platform and the first messaging platform to offer bots which can interact as part a group chat environment, to give users the ability to share the experience of finding the best flights together.Directly connecting artists with fans in a unique entertainment experience for an ever-expanding audience craved by sponsors, the Alpha Media radio broadcast company created the Skype Live Studio in Portland, Oregon.Each feed is one of the callers on Skype, then the Director uses a Tri Caster to switch from a back-of-house camera to one of the feeds from the Talk Show units.With the monitor on stage, the artist can see the feed images — the fans — from the Talk Show unit.“So, we bring a video monitor out on stage, and we have the DJ or radio jock host on stage with the artist facilitating a live Q&A where we have up to three fans calling in from anywhere around the world,” said Hough.

“The first time we did was with the Australian mega pop artist Troye Sivan and we had fans of his calling in from Chile, Chicago, Michigan, California — from all over, and they can talk to their favorite artist live on Skype. ” Hough and her team use three Talk Show VS 100 units with their Tri Caster to add extra feeds into the live stream to connect fans and artists via Skype.We also have three camera operators who are videoing the event and we’re live directing those cameras,” explained Hough.“The space was designed for audio and video so we have top-notch acoustics and technologies in place.The acoustics are usually horrible, and there’s not much interaction with fans,” said Stephanie Hough, Project Manager of Skype Live Studio.“What we wanted to do here was create a high-quality experience in front of a live audience, which creates a nice energy, and also record and live-broadcast the performance to a global audience.“We produce about 300 shows a year, so we’re pretty high-volume and fast-paced.