Skype hookups

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Skype hookups

And oh — that engine plant switched its Matt coined (or at least first wrote about) “the Speakularity” in 2010: “the moment when automatic speech transcription becomes fast, free and decent.” Five years and change later, we’re still not exactly there! Like the horizon, the Singularity, or the coming of the Messiah, the Speakularity is always ever-so-slightly in the distance. If you have a landline from which you can easily record incoming audio… There are also ways to rig Skype and your sound card to dump audio into a file. You can also use IBM Watson’s speech-to-text API for two cents per minute.

Again, it’s far from perfect, but it solves a lot of problems for you.

But what staff they have, almost all of them, were diverted to work with GM on getting a brand-new engine plant ready at the complex on Van Slyke Road, making sure they had the proper hookups for water to use on their equipment and to treat their waste to go into Flint’s sewers. The city switches from Detroit water to water from the Flint River.

GM starts noticing that the new water is corroding its parts.

I pick whichever of the two transcription (pre-cut or post-cut) is more accurate, or maybe take pieces of both of them.

Then using Express Scribe, I do a fine-grained edit of the transcribed the text, checking it against the audio.

Over two days, 22 million gallons of raw human, industrial, residential, and commercial waste poured into the river. Morris Township, Karen Winchester saw hundreds of dead fish floating down the river past her property — catfish, carp, and bluegill, 3 to 20 inches long, all belly-up.

For 14 months, health officials prohibited swimming, fishing, or direct contact with the river…Over the next year, bacteria levels continued to rise, fall, and rise again, suggesting ongoing pollution.In June 2000, the Michigan legislature passed a law requiring municipal and county authorities to report any sewage spill to the Department of Environmental Quality.Flint itself declined to disclose any spills it hadn’t already reported.Communities began doing house-to-house checks looking for illegal hookups dumping into the sewer system or the river. Despite the new law, the city continued to discharge untreated and partially treated sewage into the river during heavy rains, snowmelts, and power outages, including an 8-million-gallon spill in March 2006 and a 18.1-million-gallon spill in September 2008. A contractor for a telecom company — probably SBC Ameritech but I couldn’t even find legal papers to say exactly who it was — was digging a trench to lay fiberoptic cable near an apartment complex on the bank of the river.A big part of my history of Flint River pollution, just published today, is about this 1999 accident where 22 million gallons of raw sewage was dumped into the river, killing fish and making the river unsafe for contact for about a year and a half.