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City officials realized early on that sex slavery was being practiced in the heart of the city, but made only halting and ineffective efforts to stop it.San Francisco had a notoriously lax attitude toward vice of all kinds, especially in the early days of the Gold Rush when most of the women in the instant city were prostitutes.

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Neither Chinese American leaders nor white officials in San Francisco made any real efforts to close the houses of prostitution that flourished in Chinatown in the 19th and early 20th centuries.After “decent” women began arriving and complaining about public prostitution, vice was driven from the main streets and into alleys.In 1859, Police Chief Martin Burke boasted that many prostitutes “have been removed from Clay, Washington, Stockton, California, Bush, and other streets, where families reside.” But there was no effort to actually end prostitution.Sing Ho was a victim of the opium habit and after spending a night in the Home decided to return to the brothel — she could neither eat nor sleep.” A few weeks after she arrived, Cameron embarked on her first rescue. ” and abused the cringing girl in Chinese, saying, “May all your ancestors curse you, and turn you into a turtle! Exhausted and in poor health, Culbertson resigned in 1897 and died soon after.With Culbertson, an interpreter and two police officers of the Chinatown Squad, a special force created to patrol the district, she went to a squalid house on Bartlett Alley, now Beckett Street. Cameron was named Mission Home superintendent in 1900.Two cuts from a hatchet were visible on her head, and “her mouth, face and hands (were) badly swollen from punishment she had received from her cruel mistress.” The woman was arrested and fined for cruelty to children. “She is very small of stature — looks like a midget — has an old and peculiar face — give her age as 22 years,” Culbertson wrote.

“Sing Ho says her mother died in San Francisco and her father returned to China — that her parents owed money and that she entered upon a life of sin to pay their debts. The girl’s “owner” ran in, screaming, “You break my house!

Starting in 1852, secretive associations called tongs began kidnapping or buying young girls and women from China and forcing them to work in Chinatown brothels.

This abhorrent trade not only condemned most of the enslaved women to a miserable life and early death, but it was the leading factor behind the tong wars that racked Chinatown for decades.

in April 1895, she was greeted by its leader, Margaret Culbertson.

That very day, Culbertson told her, tong members had placed sticks of dynamite on the house’s front porch. A photograph of Cameron at the time shows an attractive 25-year-old woman with a hopeful expression, piercing eyes and a granitic set to the mouth. Cameron met the girls who were staying in the house. Three years earlier, Culbertson was told that a 9-year-old mui tsai was being savagely beaten at the corner of Washington Street and Dupont Street, now Grant Avenue.

Accompanied by police, Culbertson brought the little girl to the home.

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