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In many Yearly Meetings, the meeting then appoints a clearness committee to talk with the couple and make sure that they have properly prepared themselves for marriage.If the committee is clear that this couple is ready, they recommend that the monthly meeting should take this wedding “under their care” and appoint a committee to ensure the couple makes all the needed arrangements for the wedding ceremony.

Meetings generally encourage couples to seek legal advice before undertaking this option.

This advice became quite controversial among those who did not want to see women's roles expanded.

When a couple decides to get married they declare their intentions to marry to the meeting (either in writing or in person).

These duties vary but may include helping schedule the date, finding premarital counseling, making the Quaker marriage certificate, making sure the couple knows how to acquire and file any legal documents.

In other Yearly Meetings, clearness committees are an option the couple can choose.

The Department of Public Safety (DPS) regulates the private security profession in Texas.

DPS protects the public by conducting fingerprint-based background checks on applicants, licensing training schools and instructors, investigating and resolving complaints, and taking disciplinary action against licensees or seeking criminal prosecution of those who perform private security services without a license.

Only registered groups can participate as a group in ISO functions or events or have their meeting listed on the ISO meeting list.

The list serves two primary purposes: The registration form is available here or from the ISO office by telephone or through postal mail.

“An SAA group consists of two or more individuals who, using the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of SAA, meet regularly for the purpose of recovering from their addictive sexual behavior.

At our meetings, we read SAA literature and share our experience, strength and hope with each other, focusing on how the SAA program of recovery works in our lives.” The International Service Organization (ISO) of SAA maintains a comprehensive list of active registered groups throughout the world and their meeting times.

Two years later, when Fox was in Barbados, he sent out another epistle.