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Mary's Preparatory School and was the assistant coach of the school's football team.Gheesling had close friendships with Brian, Libra, Memphis, Keesha, Steven, Angie and Renny.

Despite April's heavy campaigning for Memphis to leave, her allies turned against her and Jessie was evicted.He became the first House Guest evicted from the house on Day 9 with a nine to one vote.Brian returned to the season briefly in the fifth week, as the host of the "In the News" food competition.Numerous people in the house disliked April, mainly Keesha, Renny, and Memphis.During the first week, April, Libra, Keesha and Ollie managed to turn the other House Guests against Brian, ultimately leading to his eviction.She formed a short-lasted alliance with Jessie, Michelle and Memphis. April Dowling-Cruise (born March 24, 1978), 38, from Higley, Arizona, was working as a financial manager at a car dealership.

She has taken part in the Lingerie Football League, as part of the Phoenix Scorch team.

When Renny won the sixth Head of Household competition, she chose to nominate April and Jerry for eviction. On the show, she had sex with another houseguest, Ollie.

Despite April trying to bribe him to use the Veto on her with ,000 she had earned in a previous Veto competition, Dan chose to leave nominations the same. Since her appearance on the show, April is now married to Ryan Cruise and has a son Easton Mitchell Cruise, born June 14, 2010. Air Force for six years as an F-16 crew chief and was honorably discharged and received an associate degree from the Community College of the Air Force.

When Jerry subsequently became Ho H, Dan was nominated alongside Keesha.

In Week 9, Dan won Head of Household, making him the 3rd person to win Ho H twice.

He also won the Luxury competition in the same week and could take another House Guest or a Jury member with him; Dan chose to take Michelle, hoping to bond with her and secure her vote.

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