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Hermione passed through heaven recieving judgement on her life and was found to have been a failure. So what is a very smart owl to do when she finds her human's living conditions unsatisfactory? With two Tonks walking around and her faith in Dumbledore eroded what's a Metamorphmagus to do? Tonks ends up crafting a new identity for herself and infiltrates Hogwarts to fix the future. When Hermione and Ron try to get Harry to form Dumbledore's Army, things don't go as in canon. When a man is pushed to the end of his tether, be prepared for violent retribution.given the chance to put right her mistakes she chose to return. The magical world had better prepare itself for the turning of the tide.

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She will awaken forbidden magic and great power that will shake the magical world and will definitely offer power that he knows not. Smut with M/F, F/F and multiple relations Death the One Appointment we must all keep, unfortunately Harry keeps showing up early and is upsetting Raspy's boss. This time with his memories and a warning that if he comes early again, he ends up kissing a certain toad in a sweater for eternity. Bashing of D and Molly, Very loosely based on the Reptilia28 Don't Fear the Reaper Death Challenge, whereby Harry gets to relive his life. What effect does this have on Harry's life and the Voldemort Blood wars? Sirius is dead, and Harry has reached his breaking point.I really, really miss them and hope one day to have a couple or so of my own, since these rascals are in NC. Much as I hate to admit it, I am disabled and have some health problems which from time to time inhibit my ability to write.I do keep working on stories as often as I can, so I appreciate your patience.What happens when a chance encounter leads an old family friend to meet 7 year old Harry? A marriage law is instigated during Hermione's sixth year. Pairing: HP/OCIt's Harry's first Christmas as a dad, but he can't shake the feeling something's amiss.Could it be just what they both need to survive in this world? Hermione considers her options and makes her choice, it just wasn't the one they were expecting. Father Christmas thinks his disbelief's funny, but still has a gift for the incredulous wizard. When Harry's name comes out of the Goblet of Fire Dumbledore gives him a choice. Response to Reptillia28's 'Don't Fear the Reaper' challenge.Not a Discworld crossover, but the story did cry out for some guest appearances by Death's granddaughter. A chance meeting with a pale girl and her family moves Harry's life in a new direction.

Rated M for macabre themes, and later on suggestive adult content.

Sorry if you are a fan of his, but to me he was only a fair weather fan and extremely self-centered as well as very, very envious of what he perceives as Harry's advantages in life. IF YOU CAN'T HANDLE A LITTLE GIVE AND TAKE, KISS OFF; OR GO OUT AND BUY A SENSE OF HUMOR. Each story places Harry in different lives/worlds/or even genders. AU stories abound so if you do not like please avoid this fiction. If you want to write up a story based on one of these, just shout who you got it from, and link me! " Newly crowned wizard and avid reader of fantasy fiction, eleven-year-old Harry Potter makes friends with the goblin standing outside Gringotts with unforeseen consequences. The now obligatory selection of plot-bunnies, orphaned scenes, omakes and idiocy that sometimes bring my mind to a grinding halt. The battered Firefly class ship Serenity may be the answer to her prayers and the crew the path to her future. Slow updates Harry and Hermione soul bond at the end of Go F. What happens when Harry and Hermione bind at a young age?

GRAMMAR AND CANON NAZIS WILL RECEIVE THE SAME TREATMENT. Please also be aware that most of these will involve crossovers of some kind. Armed with an unlikely posse -his insatiable curiosity- and a pocket full of questions, Curious! Ongoing warnings for smut, language, character death, bashing, torture, mutilation. Conversations between the Avengers plus a little action. This is my story repository where I post short story snippets and try out new stuff. His grief and guilt lead him to question what he knows and try to find a better way. How will that change their destinies and the path of the war? My usual bit of smut mixed into the rest of the story.

I have also lived in California, Wyoming, Florida, Nebraska (yes, where I is now) Arkansas, Alaska, North Carolina, South Dakota, Oregon, Texas, & a year in Korea thanks to the US Air Force... But I have still never seen New England for some reason, even having been in or through over 40 states. I keep forgetting to add this (but finally found the right 'round tuit): The little critter I'm holding in the picture is a baby alpaca about two hours old.

My last ex and I farmed them and this little guy was, iirc, the second born on the farm.

I know this is not much of a summary but to much can spoil the tale. What if Dumbledore had gotten to Harry just a few minutes to late to save him in First Year? If the magical government cannot be trusted to protect its people, then Harry Potter will just have to do it himself. Unexpected time travel can provide endless hours of do it right.

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    It's taken me a good while to fully come to terms with what I've done, to understand how easily I fell into the previously unknown world that I would regrettably come to prefer to the real one.

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    But a world where interested parties fear crossing this new boundary we seem to be edging toward, where any power differential or wrong move is seen as predation, robs women of the ability to consent as well.