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The 23,000sqft synagogue in Uptown once regularly drew crowds of more than 2,000 people for Shabbat services and packed the balconies during the High Holidays in the 1920s.But the ritzy hub for a large Jewish population eventually shifted to other parts of the city, and only a poor, elderly congregation remained in the elegant, although quickly deteriorating place of worship.

In addition to coal mines, brickyards were also prominent in this tiny Iowa town.Riddled with ghost towns, the entire state of North Dakota could be considered largely unpopulated.But a former tuberculosis sanatorium in the lush Turtle Mountains region, San Haven, is a crumbling majesty to behold.Thousands of TB patients were treated here between 1909 and the end of the epidemic in the 1940s.The facility later became a home for the developmentally disabled, where there were rumors of mistreatment and neglect, and it shut down in the 1980s only to mature creepily.Grain elevators were the city’s first skyscrapers, but also extremely combustible.

The state has been sitting on the Damen Silos since a 1977 disaster rendered the 24-acre property functionally obsolete.

Plus the Michigan State Police Sex Offender Registry Unit toll free at 1-866-761-7678Brian William Niles is not in compliance with the Michigan Sex Offender Registration Act.

If you have information concerning his whereabouts, please contact the Michigan State Police Sex Offender Registry Unit toll free at 1-866-761-7678, or the nearest law enforcement agency.

If you have any information on the location of these fugitives please call 911 or the nearest law enforcement agency.

Breaking News is hoping you can help find the “Top 14 Most Wanted Michigan Sex Offender Fugitives” – three are from the Upper Peninsula and wanted on felony warrants.

And if you don’t believe ALL of the Akron police have nothing better to do than hunt your mall-trespassing ass down in the middle of the day, believe it.