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Read the law: Prince George’s County Code, Subtitle 13 §13-154 Landlord's right to access Tenant may not unreasonably withhold consent for landlord to enter the unit to inspect, make necessary repairs, decorations, alterations, etc., or to show the unit to prospective purchasers, tenants, or mortgagees.

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Keep all plumbing fixtures as clean and sanitary as their condition permits; 4.

However, if tenant receives public assistance pursuant to Sections 48, 65A, 65B, and 65C of Article 88A of the Maryland Code, and the public assistance check was not mailed on or before the rent due date, the landlord must wait to charge the late fee beginning on the 6th day after the check was actually mailed.

Tenant is responsible for informing landlord in writing that the check was mailed later than the rent due date, and for providing reasonable, satisfactory evidence.

Except in an emergency affecting health, safety, or welfare, tenant must be given at least 24 hours' written or oral notice and landlord's entry must be during normal business hours or at another time mutually agreed to by tenant and landlord.

If tenant is absent from the unit at the time of entry, landlord must give tenant, within 24 hours after entry, a written report stating the purpose of the entry and the details of any repair, decoration, alteration, etc.

apply to transient facilities such as boarding houses, tourist homes, hotels, school dormitories, or facilities operated for religious or charitable purposes.

Read the law: Prince George’s County Code, Subtitle 13 §13-137 Maintenance; landlord's responsibility Landlord must expressly warrant that during the tenancy he will comply with all applicable Federal, State, County, or municipal laws and regulations relating to the construction, maintenance, use, or appearance of the dwelling unit and the premises.

Landlord is presumed responsible for the conditions noted in the report.

If tenant notices a defective condition in the unit which the landlord may not know about, tenant must report it to landlord within 48 hours.

Read the law: Prince George’s County Code, Subtitle 13 §13-155.01 Tenant's duties In addition to complying with obligations imposed by the lease and by all applicable laws, tenant must: 1.

Keep his part of the premises clean and sanitary; 2.

If the defect may cause serious damage to person or property, tenant must report it immediately.

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