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Sex dating in bannack montana

another ’empire builder.’ ” Much of the credit for the railroad, however, should go to the senator’s younger brother, J. While William Clark financed the railroad, documents donated to UNLV Special Collections in 1979 suggest Ross saw the opportunity first.

And the sordid episode became one of the final straws that led to a constitutional amendment mandating popular election of senators.When he was 17, the family moved to Iowa as homesteaders.A bright student, Clark taught school and went to law school, but never practiced.His closest political adviser, however, was convicted of bribery.Upon journeying to Washington, Clark realized the Senate would not recognize his election.There were other men of vision in Montana, and one was Marcus Daly.

He partnered with mining magnate George Hearst to buy a silver claim called the Anaconda.

Daly, one of four men who controlled the Democratic Party in Montana, supported a Republican.

In 1893, after Montana became a state, Clark and Daly ran for the U. Senate, but neither could achieve a majority in the state Legislature, which elected senators in those days, and Montana simply did without a senator.

The silver prospects proved unfounded, but miners uncovered a seam of copper 50 feet wide — biggest ever found, and the basis of the great Anaconda Copper Company.

When Daly wanted to build a smelter, he found that Clark had secretly bought all the readily available water rights necessary to operate it. In 1888 Clark sought a territorial seat in Congress on the Democratic ticket.

Despite roots in Yankee Pennsylvania, Clark served the Confederate side in the Civil War.