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But it can now be revealed that the most heartbreaking of Gaddafi’s victims include hundreds, possibly thousands of teenage girls who, throughout his 42-year reign, were beaten, raped and forced to become his sex slaves.

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The full horror of his brutality has been slow to emerge, with many Libyans still fearing retaliation by those who continue to be loyal to their late leader.In the 26 months since he was deposed, Gaddafi’s den – where he regularly raped girls as young as 14 – has remained locked.But today its gaudy interior, where the colonel brutalised his victims, can be seen for the first time in photographs from a hard-hitting BBC4 documentary.The next day three woman dressed in military uniform arrived telling her parents she was needed to present more flowers.Instead, she was driven at high speed to Gaddafi’s lair.If you want see more homemade porn movies, you can search more on Google or Yahoo This website is adult rated by: DISCLAIMER: We do not tolerate anything illegal pornography .

All persons shown on this free homemade tube videos site are over 18 years old. All content appeared on this site is the property of its owners.‘Early one morning, at 2am, we were taken to a closed hall,’ she said. Many of the victims say they contemplated suicide many times. The Libyan people had always known Gaddafi to be violent and unstable, but it was only after he was accused of perpetrating the Lockerbie bombing on December 21, 1988 – in which 270 American and British lives were lost when Libya blew up the Pan Am airliner on which they were travelling – that the West was prepared to take any action.Doubtless there were some who took their own lives.’ It has also emerged that teams of boys were sent to Gaddafi’s sex den, where they too were abused. Strict sanctions were applied by America, although according to Gwenyth Todd, the former National Security Council Director for Libya at the White House, Western leaders – including Britain’s then Prime Minister, Tony Blair – eventually sought to have them lifted and Gaddafi’s reputation restored.Known as ‘the Haris al-Has’ – the private female guards – almost all were coerced into joining his cadre. ‘In one case a girl of 18 said she was raped in front of her father. When her husband vanished one evening, she confronted Gaddafi about his whereabouts.One of them, who admits she had ‘once adored him’, recalled the horrific treatment they had to endure. She kept begging her distraught father to look away. The colonel refused to tell but, to Baha’s horror, his body was one of many found in freezers after the regime fell.One of the rooms holds little more than a double bed, lit by an orange lamp.