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You know that one book, painting, album or play that "speaks" to you in such a profound and personal way that you can only imagine it was created with you in mind?

► Ft FC was more effective in influencing individuals’ intention to change behavior.I couldn’t imagine the depths to which a person would have to sink to hump a glorified Aerobed with a surprised expression.If I think about it too hard, I get terribly sad, even now. So insisted my friend David, who said that if I could get a "professional discount" on one, he would split the cost with me on two conditions: a) if he could "use" it on weekends and b) if I got one with "huge tits." Just looking at the models on, I found myself incredibly aroused. At least aesthetically, Real Dolls live up to their name.This study investigated whether individuals’ different personality characteristics (i.e. On the other hand, Ft FC turned out to be more effective in influencing individuals’ intention to change behavior compared to virtual worlds.The results suggest that lack of visual/auditory cues in virtual reality is the major factor that influenced the outcome.► Shy people felt less of communication apprehension on Second Life than Face to Face communication.Many have found their life sung , or pain strummed , in the work of Salinger, Cobain or Kerouac.

At fifteen years old, I was being killed softly by Anthony Michael Hall in the film .

Although the plight of the characters in mirrored my own, our methodologies diverged.

Instead of creating a human being out of bedroom bric-a-brac, I consoled myself with compulsive masturbation and the music of Iron Maiden. Le Brock and the Mc Alister brothers’ sodden pillow, there are Real Dolls.

Even if you’re inclined to stop humping their leg for a minute and deny, deny, deny, more often than not, their gut instinct is well founded. Sure, but so is making nice at Thanksgiving with the family of the person you can barely stand to look at anymore.

If this is a recurring theme in your relationships with people, you might consider investing in a Real Doll, a high-end humanoid love toy that is guaranteed to love you long time or, indeed, any time. Please list all the materials required for this experiment (including, if applicable, how they were obtained).

For those unfamiliar with the piece, here is the plot: unpopular dweebs Gary (Hall) and Wyatt face the very real possibility of dying with their virginities uncompromised.

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