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If you need a clear illustration of how little interest Serb authorities had in capturing the monster in their midst, they don’t come much clearer than this.After the gorilla incident, Karadzic left Bosnia for Serbia and went into hiding.

Of course, being a terrible person does not automatically make you a terrible writer.To add insult to injury, Bosnia, a country the size of Louisiana, was crawling with 64,000 NATO-led troops at the time.This led to many farcical moments where troops had to pretend not to see the war criminals passing in the street or act like they didn’t know who the wanted men greeting them were.The idea was that the sight of a gorilla in central Bosnia would so confuse the drivers that they would automatically slow to get a good look at it. If you had wandered down a particular stretch of Bosnian road that day, you would have seen one of the most elite military units in the world standing around with a man dressed as an ape, looking severely pissed off.In those precious seconds, Delta Force would wham the car with the concussion grenade and capture Karadzic. It wouldn’t be the last crazy thing connected to the manhunt for Karadzic.Karadzic kept this up until 1997, when international pressure finally caused him to flee.

But rather than get more desperate, his story from here on in only becomes more surreal.Now imagine he then went and set up shop near Stalingrad or Leningrad, within eyesight of those cities’ devastated buildings. The Siege of Sarajevo was the worst since German troops surrounded Leningrad; Karadzic’s siege actually lasted six months longer than Hitler’s. The parliament building was destroyed, and 56,000 people were wounded, including 15,000 children.Yet, thanks to the fragile peace agreement, Karadzic was able to live openly less than 18 kilometers (11 mi) away.In his in-depth book on the manhunt, journalist Julian Borger recounts how Delta Force received word that Karadzic’s car would be passing along a certain road in less than a week.The car would contain his young daughter, meaning that a firefight was out of the question. But it could only work if the car was going 32 kilometers per hour (20 mph) or slower.Stalin’s poetry was apparently so good that Professor Donald Rayfield once wrote: “One might even find reasons not purely political for regretting Stalin’s switch from poetry to revolution.” Karadzic’s efforts, on the other hand, were absolutely dire.

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