Sedating koi

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As it usually involves sedating the fish for every treatment it can be very time-consuming, particularly if large numbers of fish are involved.

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Bacterial fish diseases and infections are very common in fish keeping and are probably one of the hardest health problems to deal with effectively.

However, with a basic understanding of how bacteria cause disease and how to recognize bacterial infections it is possible to deal successfully with the majority of problems.

It is possible to prepare your own medicated food by top-dressing ordinary food with an appropriate antibiotic.

This usually involves a course of five injections over a ten-day period in conjunction with topical treatments.

This is particularly relevant to koi ponds, which, for a variety of reasons, are often susceptible to outbreaks of bacterial disease.

As you might have guessed, in general most of the bacterial diseases that affect ornamental fish are caused by opportunistic bacteria.

It mostly comes down to the experience of the person on the spot in deciding how severe the situation is and what course of action is required.

However, before any treatment is started it is important to try and establish the underlying cause – particularly if several fish are affected, as this would suggest some form of environmental stress.

It is important to use the appropriate antibiotic (established by laboratory antibiotic sensitivity tests).

This procedure does require a degree of knowledge and skill.

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