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The AKA has information from nine prominent scientists who all support the legal regulation of Kratom and have asked the FDA to stop using “bad science”...

However, structured sedation protocols designed to incorporate these safety principles have been widely implemented and shown to reduce morbidity.This document uses the same language to define sedation categories and expected physiologic responses as The Joint Commission, the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA), and the AAPD.The monitoring and care outlined may be exceeded at any time on the basis of the judgment of the responsible practitioner.We are the original and first commercial supplier of Kratom to the USA, Canada & Europe.We are also the same people that “created” and gave the various synonymous names of most of the different strains that we are all so familiar with today such as Bali, Thai, Maeng Da etc.These practice recommendations are proffered with the awareness that, regardless of the intended level of sedation or route of drug administration, the sedation of a pediatric patient represents a continuum and may result in respiratory depression, laryngospasm, impaired airway patency, apnea, loss of the patient’s protective airway reflexes, and cardiovascular instability.

These adverse responses during and after sedation for a diagnostic or therapeutic procedure may be minimized, but not completely eliminated, by a careful preprocedure review of the patient’s underlying medical conditions and consideration of how the sedation process might affect or be affected by these conditions: for example, children with developmental disabilities have been shown to have a threefold increased incidence of desaturation compared with children without developmental disabilities.Appropriate drug selection for the intended procedure, a clear understanding of the sedating medication’s pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics and drug interactions, as well as the presence of an individual with the skills needed to rescue a patient from an adverse response are critical.Appropriate physiologic monitoring and continuous observation by personnel not directly involved with the procedure allow for the accurate and rapid diagnosis of complications and initiation of appropriate rescue interventions.Practitioners of sedation must have the skills to rescue the patient from a deeper level than that intended for the procedure.For example, if the intended level of sedation is “minimal,” practitioners must be able to rescue from “moderate sedation”; if the intended level of sedation is “moderate,” practitioners must have the skills to rescue from “deep sedation”; if the intended level of sedation is “deep,” practitioners must have the skills to rescue from a state of “general anesthesia.” The ability to rescue means that practitioners must be able to recognize the various levels of sedation and have the skills and age- and size-appropriate equipment necessary to provide appropriate cardiopulmonary support if needed.The work of the Pediatric Sedation Research Consortium has improved the sedation knowledge base, demonstrating the marked safety of sedation by highly motivated and skilled practitioners from a variety of specialties practicing the above modalities and skills that focus on a culture of sedation safety.

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