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But we can learn that human relationship is inseparable from friendship and commitment.We can learn that the essence of love is not to use the other to make us happy but to serve and affirm the one we love.

Romance, in its purest form, seeks only one thing – passion.

In Eastern countries, like those of India and Japan, we find that married couples love each other with great warmth, often with a stability and devotion that puts us to shame.

But their love is not “romantic love” as we know it.

Romantic love is the single greatest energy system in the Western psyche.

In our culture it has supplanted religion as the arena in which men and women seek meaning, transcendence, wholeness, and ecstasy…We are so accustomed to living with the beliefs and assumptions of romantic love that we think it is the only form of “love” on which marriage or love relationships can be based. But there is much that we can learn from the East about this.

Human love necessarily includes friendship withing a relationship, between husband and wife. Romance and friendship are utterly opposed energies, natural enemies with completely opposing motives.

Sometimes people say” I don’t want to be friends with my husband (or wife); it would take all the romance out of our marriage”.Thus love by its very nature the exact opposite of egocentricity.Love is utterly distinct from our ego’s desires and power plans.After reading this post, be prepared for the next in which you will lean about the amazing potential of romantic love.In the meanwhile, let’s meditate on the truthful lines below.We are the only society that makes romance the basis of our marriages and love relationships and the cultural ideal of “true love”.

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