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Our results also suggest a major extinction of freshwater planarians on the Peloponnese at the end of the Pliocene, while about 2 Mya ago, when the current Mediterranean climate was established, these Peloponnese populations probably began to disperse again.At the end of the Pliocene or during the Pleistocene, mainland populations of from the eastern Mediterranean.

Divergence time estimates were obtained under a Bayesian framework, using the COI sequences.

During the Messinian salinity crisis these freshwater planarians apparently were not able to cross the sea barrier between Crete and the mainland, while they probably did disperse between islands in the Aegean Sea.

Their dependence on freshwater to survive suggests the presence of contiguous freshwater bodies in those regions.

Hawk's-bill snips are used to cut small radii on the inside and outside of a circle.

The shape of the blades allow for sharp turns without buckling the sheet metal. These type of snips have become the most popular because of the linkage that increases the mechanical advantage without increasing the length of the snips.

► Distribution was shaped mainly by vicariant events related to drainage severances .

► Some dispersal events and two human transports can also be estimated.

These different cutting styles are necessary because metal is stiff and heavy and does not move out of the way readily when cutting around a curve.

The respective styles move the material out of the way when cutting in the direction they are designed for.

Tinner's snips, also known as tinner snips or tin snips, are one of the most popular type of snips.

They are defined by their long handles and short blades.

Morphological data, combined with information on genetic divergences, revealed that eight out of the nine known species were represented in the samples, while additional new, and still undescribed species were detected.

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