Pre coital the science of dating

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However, in other parts of the Muslim world, such as Syria, Pakistan, etc., it is unknown.

It is important to make a clear distinction between the “Sunnah” procedure and the more extreme operations: for the purpose of this discussion, I will use the word “Sunnah” (with inverted commas) to refer to the minimal operation which – according to one Hadith – was allowed, but not enjoined or encouraged, by the Prophet (saws), and female genital mutilation or FGM to refer to the more extreme procedures.“some of the women scream when their genitals are touched.The pain is not just physical – it goes very, very deep and will be with them forever.” Moral/psychological: The comment quoted above also indicates that the trauma experienced by circumcised/infibulated women goes beyond the physical.Sexual frigidity is not uncommon, so it is clear that although this practice is supposed to guarantee the virginity of brides, it is hardly conducive to a satisfying married life – a right which Islam gives to both men and women.Footnotes: [1] Abu Dawood Book 41, Number 5251 Narrated Umm Atiyyah al-Ansariyyah: A woman used to perform circumcision in Medina.Nawal El Saadawi, from a middle-class Egyptian family, describes her own circumcision taking place in the family’s bathroom.

Anesthesia is uncommon, although one writer describes a Sudanese midwife using proper surgical sutures, lint, etc.

In the autumn of 1995, I watched a Canadian-made documentary on female circumcision on CBC-TV, in which footage of an actual circumcision was shown – with the worst details blanked out (although viewers still had to endure hearing the child’s screams).

The operation was carried out in an earthen-floored hut in Ethiopia.

Infertility, chronic pelvic infections, menstrual problems are also mentioned frequently.

Complications also arise, inevitably, when these excised, and infibulated women marry and have children.

A girls’ ordeal The trauma of such radical surgery is compounded by the fact that these operations are almost always carried out in non-sterile conditions, with old or rusty implements, by traditional “midwives” who have little, if any, knowledge of proper surgical procedures.