Powerful countenance or intimidating

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Powerful countenance or intimidating - scientific carbon dating

So as you establish a Heavenly atmosphere in your Churches through intense worship, My Glory will drive every trace of oppression away.

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Col 3:3 “For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ IN GOD”Ask Him to begin changing you so that you can see His Face clearer and clearer each day with the eyes of your heart, and He will do so.There would be a glow on His Face, Joy and Love radiating from his countenance. Earthly things would hold little fascination with him.That same transformation occurs to the man who spends an hour or two reading My Word aloud and praying in the Spirit each and every day for that same amount of time.”A good deal of today’s thinking in Church comes from an orphan mentality, rather than ask the Lord boldly for things, we are taught to hardly ask Him for things at all, that He is a reluctant giver.Yet the interaction is so irredeemably prejudiced that it remains impossible either to confirm or reject the suspicion of abuse.Analysis of the interaction attempted to unravel some of the knots in which we, as health professionals, unfailingly tie ourselves when communicating with patients—knots of suspicion, labeling, conflict, embarrassment, and power that fail to anchor the humanity of “self” or others.I love you exactly as much as I love My Son Jesus (Jn ).

So I want you to see each other through My eyes from now on.When we speak His Word aloud, His Bride is making herself ready.Since I have honored My Word EVEN ABOVE MY NAME, I want you to keep My Word in the highest place of honor in your thoughts .You may find this sad, but the truth is, many in My Body beat themselves every day with words of condemnation, guilt , and unworthiness, hoping to make themselves more Holy in My sight. Not only does the One who stopped the Sun in the sky for Joshua live in you, the One who MADE that Sun, lives in you.I fully accept you, due to the finished work of Jesus ALONE. You will not be standing in front of your pastor on the last day. There is NO LIMIT to what I can do through any of My Children. Go forth boldly then, and change the world, in Jesus Name. So when we speak His Word aloud, He is also speaking His Word over us.The purpose of this article is to explore and examine how the value judgments of the health professionals involved affected the interaction between themselves and a mother with her injured child who presented at an accident and emergency department.

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