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Luckily, I didn’t have too much time to dwell on it because I had too many things going on in my own life, so I couldn’t really take too much time to sit and process it.

CHANCHEZ: Well, Malik’s counterpart is really Tasha Mack (played by Wendy Raquel Robinson).You can only be in a scene with your mom for so long before it gets old, being the 25-year-old guy. ESSENCE: You are personal friends with Tia Mowry-Hardrict.ESSENCE: Do Malik and Hosea share any similar traits? I’m at an age in my life where I’m really unapologetic for the man that I am and the man that I want to be, and I think Malik shares that same similarity. What was it like being on set without her and Pooch Hall this season?I appreciate that about him because it’s something that you really have to grow to become. She was young when she had me so she was just trying to have her own career and her own life. CHANCHEZ: It was especially hard during the first week because we are close and have worked together for such a long time.The biggest thing I have in common with Malik is his love for his mom. Unlike Malik, I had my grandparents to help raise me, but I know what it’s like to be a young guy with a young mom who’s just trying to figure out her own life and raise a boy. It was really weird, but the good thing about it was that I got to know Jay [Ellis] and Lauren [London] better and the character got to know them better as well.Sister, Sister was initially on ABC but was cancelled by the network after two years and picked up by The WB, where it ran for another four years.

During its run, they appeared on an episode of their brother Tahj Mowry's show Smart Guy.CHANCHEZ: Malik is the Jack among the Kings in a way, and it does feel like a little more responsibility.Oddly enough, we never really had any leads on the show. Melanie and Derwin were the identifiable characters on the show, but we’ve always been an ensemble.She also appeared on an episode of her sister's television show, Strong Medicine, in January 2006, playing the role of Keisha, the twin sister of Tamera Mowry's character, Dr. Mowry has a starring role in the BET television series The Game as Melanie Barnett.Mowry has been nominated for a Teen Choice Award and a NAACP Image Awards for best actress in a comedy.Mowry also did voiceovers for the Bratz cartoon series as the voice of Sasha.