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Robbins screamed at me, "I am a successfully angry man! My advice is to beware of being lured into that way of approaching life and people.I am so full of rage it's literally bleeding out of my pores! The rewards are almost immediate but are also usually short-lived, as you will tend to repulse most people who have any intelligence, integrity, or genuine self-respect, and you will soon find yourself in the company of bullies or idiots.

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Afterwards, briefly moved by his performance, my wife and I went to the table to fill out an application. What distractions are holding you back from your goals? These are his quotes I turned into instagram memes. To stay for three full days felt like a self-imposed prison, rather than an opportunity to genuinely grow. But I would, if his team made a few big changes: Killer article. I never got the edge to go to one of his seminars... Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure. Instead of complaining about traffic, appreciate that we have cars to get us to places faster. Study and replicate the people that have already figured out what you want to do. What goal would genuinely energize you immediately? If you struggle with those issues, then Tony's seminars might change your life. For my friends, the seminar was overwhelmingly positive and deeply moving. I don't plan on attending another Tony Robbins' event. Sounds like lots of talking and not a lot of action. Every time you turn around someone is trying to sell you something, frankly it makes me a bit sick. There are so many inspiring people to learn and grow and have a seminar with. But at the same time, your personal development day seemed like a dud. discuss personal development with a friend for 3 hours, Record yourself discussing personal development for an hour and a half, Read about personal development, and then discuss personal issues for another hour. Most likely my own issues with money, and i also felt it was also about selling.After paying ,000 for a ticket to Unleash the Power Within… After fully committing, with a completely open heart… In this post, I will share why I went to Tony's event, what it was like, and why I walked out. A lot of my friends are big TR fans, and they all gave strong endorsements for UPW. I'm not writing this because I'm a sophisticated aristocrat who turns his nose up at self-help groups. It wasn't easy to eat so much food, or to go to the gym every week, but I put in the effort to reach my goals. I've read hundreds of books and taken action, because I am 100% in on improving myself. I've also publicly documented my self-improvement journey for the last 15 YEARS. I wonder if Tony Robbins can see the dynamics of what he's doing to these people from an observer's point of view. Well - Price paid, lesson learned..the "Kool-Aid" doesn't even taste very good. Reply This is my one final note on what Tony Robbins does.

I will also show you what I did after I left, and what I learned from the whole experience. Now he just wants to act like he's more enlightened than everyone else." None of that is true. If that's not "doing the homework," I don't know what is. Last September, my company App Sumo hosted our second annual conference, with over 200 attendees. There's an old saying: People aren't taught...people learn.

However, your motivation aside, I can't disagree with much of what you have written.

Robbin's life has been dedicated to becoming a 'guru' and no one can deny his outstanding achievement in fulfilling his goals and dreams - he is without doubt one of the most successful people in this space and I doubt he would change much about his life!

If you get rid of blocks then the path i feel is more to achieve the dreams with the help of the universe of course. Don't get me wrong I liked some presentations of TR on youtube. Reply No, I'd say he's more like the character played by Tom Cruise in the movie Magnolia, maniacally whipping dorky men into becoming aggressive pickup artists. And, by the way, I cannot be hypnotized, so imagine how I felt being in a room full of hypnotized maniacs. Did someone just turn on a light switch in their heads or something?

It's very easy to have conversations and make plans. Also i feel the deep blocks in a person need to be resolved and worked out first, its like taking medicine for an issue that justs masks the problem but doesnt take care of the real issue. I met some TR admirers and they act like there is no other person in the world.

A few events that changed my life were Gayle Hendricks' Big Leap event and David Deida's workshop. Sumo Con 2016 This article isn't "fear driven." I committed to the event for seven hours. Of course, no one expected Tony to solve John's emotional issues with some light role-play and applause. If I'm motivated enough to do something with my life I don't need a "Tony Robbins" to help me do it. When others are motivated enough they will find themselves in the same position I was in and they will find a way to do it, too. The real cure to the dis-ease is in the mirror, and being honest with what you see in it. By the way - thank you, Noah Kagan, for providing this venue.

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