Optimize the boot image updating process

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Optimize the boot image updating process - Free webcam chat black girls

So just forget about doing any of the items usually done by pre creating a Write Cache drive.The Write Cache drive is always created as Drive D and the Pv D is created with the drive letter assigned during the Wizard.

When the Write Cache and Pv D drives are created, they are empty and will NOT carry over ANY of the manual work done before hand.

At this time, any software and updates needed can be installed.

The Citrix Virtual Delivery Agent will be installed later.

The lab consists of: I am using Xen Server 6.2 fully patched for my hosting environment.

There are separate Storage Repositories for the Virtual Machines (VM), Personal v Disk (Pv D) and Write Cache as shown in Figure 1.

One of the reasons to use Pv D is to allow users to install applications.

In order to do this I created an AD security group, shown in Figure 4, that will contain the AD user accounts and that AD security group will be made a member of the local Administrators security group.Assumptions: Note: While with BDM, PXE, TFTP and DHCP Options 66 and 67 are not needed, they are needed for the initial running of the PVS Imaging Wizard.All servers in my lab are running Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 fully patched. Servlet/download/25161-102-648285/XD - Windows 7 Optimization Once the basic VM is built there are four things that need done before joining the VM to the domain. The Write Cache and Pv D drive be different sizes or strange things can happen.The Write Cache drive will become drive D when it is created so before installing any software change the CD drive letter from D to another letter. If they are the same size, it is possible the write cache file and page file can be placed on the Pv D drive and not the Write Cache drive.The smaller of the two disks is used for the Write Cache.

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